By looking around online, you should be able to find a wide variety of funny T-shirts for a relatively cheap price.

Find Funny T-shirts for a Cheap Price

When shopping online for funny novelty T-shirts, the cheapest designs are usually the ones that have been out the longest, and are therefore priced for immediate clearance. In other words, these designs are cheap because everyone else is already wearing them, and the novelty has worn off months ago. It's very rare to find funny T-shirts that are cheap and relatively new as well.

Some online T-shirt retailers, however, actually offer the newest designs at a reduced price. Sometimes this is done so that a certain funny T-shirt can get out on the street quickly and generate some buzz. Others choose to sell cheap T-shirts this way to develop customer loyalty and to set themselves apart from the competition.

When looking for cheap funny T-shirts, ensure that you're getting a quality shirt made out of the best-quality cotton. For instance, 100 percent combed jersey cotton is superior for durability and overall comfort. It isn't really funny when you buy a novelty T-shirt, and it stretches out or fades excessively after just a few washes.

Busted Tees, for example, often features the newest designs for a cheap price. Every Busted Tee is made from the finest jersey cotton, so it never feels cheap.

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