iPhone Doodle Case

Now reduced from $24!

This customisable case is a fantastic way to make your phone a little more unique. Complete with a wipe-clean black marker pen, it’s designed to be customised by your own hand – from line drawings to skate-style graffiti, words of wisdom and intricate works of art - what you doodle is totally up to you!

Once the ink has dried on the case, it won’t budge an inch until you use the cleaning solution and soft cloth included to remove it. Simply detach the protective case from your handset, spray it with the solution and wipe the surface clean to reveal a spotless blank canvas! Give your handset a makeover at a moment’s notice.

Packaging & Contents:

1 x Clip-on Case

1 x Black Marker Pen

1 x Bottle of Cleaning Solution

1 x Soft Cleaning Cloth

You will receive 2 cases when ordering this product. 1 for the iphone 5 and 1 for the iphone 4!

This item is not eligible for return.


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