Sometimes, we do not give enough credit to our behind the scenes team. Two of the most valuable team members we have are Amir Cohen and Zach Klein, who design our website. Lucky for us, a competitor of ours, decided to honor Amir and Zach by copying our design for their t shirt selling website. If they "borrowed" our design, we only wonder where they borrowed their t shirt ideas from, because here at BustedTees, we do original work.

The problem we ran into with Nerdy Shirts taking our design is that Nerdy didn't pay Amir and Zach for their work ... but if someone uses their work, they have to get paid for it. Now, we could have called our lawyers and made a big deal about nerdy shirts but instead we decided run a sale on our original site, that we didn't copy from anyone, on original shirts, that we didn't copy from anybody, to make money to pay Amir and Zach for Nerdy Shirts using their work.

We also have our smoking-hot, original, t shirt wearing models. They can't copy our models ... or come close enough to feed them. Support our originality, our models, and our designers, buy BustedTees.