Artist Program

    We’re happy to announce the relaunch of our Artist Program!  

    Guidelines for art: 

    1. Art must be your own unique work.  Nothing plagiarized or copyrighted.
    2. Art must be more than just text, unless it is really good, funny text.  Even then, it should have some design aspect to the font.  
    3. No spelling errors
    4. Nothing racist or sexist.  Off colored humor is fine, but nothing demeaning or derogatory.
    5. Consider audience size- don’t waste your time on designs only a handful of people will understand.
    6. Best selling designs are funny and witty puns, knocks on pop culture, and plays on words. 

    Every time a customer purchases an item with your art on it, you’ll earn a 5% commission for the first $1000 and 1% commission after that. You can Sign Up Here 

    We will announce the need for new designs in certain niches, so watch the banner at the top of your account.  Creating art in the niches we need is more likely to get your art approved!

    If you have a design that is selling well on another platform, and it is pending or was declined on BustedTees, shoot us an email and tell us the design and how many sales it’s getting.  We might change our minds and approve it!



    Also, we now have an Affiliate Program that you can use to make an additional 20% of every sale.  Share the link with your social media followers and earn money from EVERY sale that comes through your link, not just on your own art!

    To take part in our New Affiliate Program, Sign up here! 

    Questions?  Email us at